Your image
is more

than ever.

Our talents
(really) match
your projects.

Our creativity, you have known it under different faces.
Today, it reveals itself under the name of VEHEA, our 360° agency, inspired by a combined experience of working for major accounts in several sectors of activity bringing together confirmed creators, with multiple talents.

VEHEA stands for authentic leadership and humanity, an enthusiastic sense of purpose that comes from within. An appreciation of difference and diversity to design projects that will take you further.

Our team is made up of visionaries from some of the most dynamic corners of the world, coming together to generate brand-led innovation, for you.

Our approach

What makes
us stand out.


No idea is too radical.
No idea is too crazy.
No idea is too “out there”.

We embrace cultural diversity at every level
of our processes and foster free-thinking.

A Forward-thinking

In a world where cookie-cutter approaches
seem to do the trick, there is still room for inventiveness and originality.

Our diverse talent pool has what it takes
to push boundaries.

Flexibility in thought
and action.

We are comfortable with new ideas,
new technologies, and new paths.

We thrive in a fast-moving
and multicultural environment that
demands we go beyond the conventional.

Absolute rigor
and personal approach.

At VEHEA, rigor and creativity go hand
in hand, as we believe in the power of
strategic storytelling.

We take the time to understand
your needs and expectations to ensure
they are met inch-perfect.